ACEC's Trust Programs are designed to enhance your membership investment by helping to control your firm's cost. Programs are available for business insurance (BIT), life/health insurance, and retirement plans. The ACEC Trusts have created partnerships with reputable administrators and plan providers that offer valluable services with quality and competitive prices. In addition to providing business savings, these programs make for an attractive employee retention program in which individual employees benefit from your ACEC purchasing power.

ACEC BIT member benefits include:

  • Customized insurance coverage
  • Competitive and exclusive insurance rates
  • Meaningful risk management advice
  • Access to an exclusive BIT Hartford Package
  • Individualized brokering of certain policies
  • Deductible assistance for qualifying firms
  • Royalty sharing for qualifying firms
  • Contribution to dues for coalition programs
  • National and State Member Organization support



In order for an engineering firm to take advantage of these excellent business opportunities you must become a member.


ACEC membership is available through one of the 52 states and regional councils, called Member Organizations. For more information, call 202.347.7474 and ask for the Membership Department.

For additional information on ACEC's Trust programs, contact Charles Kim at 202.347.7474 and ckim@acec.org. ACEC members can achieve further savings through ACEC's Discount Programs. Click here for more information on these programs or contact discountprograms@acec.org.



The ACEC BIT has endorsed Greyling to procure insurance for all ACEC member firms. Greyling was designed for design professionals and represents approximately one thousand engineering firms of varying sizes throughout the United States. Greyling provides timely and sophisticated insurance solutions, risk management advice, and customer service to engineering firms and their employees.

ACEC member firms turn to Greyling when they:

  • Value brokerage and consulting advice from a multi-faceted team of experienced professionals with varying backgrounds and perspectives, including insurance specialists, professional engineers, architects and engineer professional liability underwriters, attorneys who were global counsel for engineering and architect firms or practiced construction law and environmental experts who developed brownfield sites
  • Question if their insurance program has the right coverage, limits, deductibles, and premiums
  • Need effective and fast advice on insurance coverage and risk management issues
  • Hope to finish their annual renewal early with few difficult or last minute decisions
  • Seek alternative insurance structures and products that give a firm a competitive cost advantage
  • Struggle to get accurate certificates of insurance quickly
  • Want assistance evaluating, drafting and negotiating complex professional services contracts
  • Have claims and want help with reporting, management, counsel selection, coverage issues, and claim resolution
  • Expect to manage enterprise risk with customized risk management training programs
  • Operate internationally in jurisdictions requiring coordination with local brokers and policies
  • Back ACEC National and Member Organizations, contribute to National and State ACEC PACs, and advocate for the industry at local, state and national levels—and want an insurance broker who does the same