It seems that every day, there is another example of cybercrime affecting a well-known company. Cyber exposures are an emerging and increasing threat to engineering firms like yours, as with any business engaged in electronic communications and internet-based information and commerce. Fortunately, you can protect your systems and operations by purchasing robust cyber insurance. Depending on the scope of coverage purchased, cyber insurance may cover a wide variety of potential claims, including:

  • Network breach liability if your system is hacked or compromised, leading to liability to third-parties for access or corruption of another company's systems or information
  • Privacy liability if an issue with your firm's system causes the release of confidential information or government-mandated protected data such as personally identifiable information, credit card payment information, or personal health information
  • Breach response costs, often mandated by law, including hiring of forensic experts and providing credit monitoring for impacted individuals
  • Data restoration for files corrupted due to a cyber event
  • First-party business interruption if your firm cannot operate during a hacking event
  • Cyber extortion if your firm must pay a ransom to unlock systems or files



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