Michael D. Klingner

President and CEO of Klingner & Associates, P.C. since 2000. He has been with the firm since 1977.

Chairman, Upper Mississippi, Illinois & Missouri Rivers Association (UMIMRA), a Non Governmental Organization representing flood control issues for the Upper Mississippi River Valley: Illinois, Missouri, Iowa, Wisconsin & Minnesota. Chairman of the MVFCA Engineering Committee for 2018.

Mr. Klingner has almost forty years of experience in the engineering and construction fields, and has presented flood control issues at numerous Congressional and Senate hearings in Washington, D.C. Mr. Klingner was instrumental in the development of the comprehensive plan to address Flood Control Improvements, including flood management and mitigation for the Upper Mississippi and Illinois rivers, as recommended by the Mississippi River Commission in 2008.

He has extensive experience in civil engineering and construction, and a broad range of experience in various engineering fields, such as drainage and flood control, environmental, recreation, water and wastewater, site planning, Geographic Information Systems, and renewable energy. He is licensed in four states, and has been Project Manager for numerous multi-million dollar projects involving multi-participant, intergovernmental agreements including non-profit organizations.

He has significant experience in water resources projects, renewable energy, and environmental and construction permits with the Corps of Engineers and state agencies in Illinois, Missouri and Iowa. Project work includes flood control and port authorities along the upper Mississippi and Illinois Rivers.

He provided expert testimony in the court case of State of Missouri VS Scott (1994) and State of Missouri vs Scott (retrial) (1998) – Mr. Klingner testified and was the key expert witness for the State of Missouri at this trial as to the condition of the levee that Scott was charged with criminally breaching, contributing to the damage of the 1993 flood in Missouri.