Risk Management

A fundamental principle of providing insurance for design professionals is to offer timely and useful risk management. Greyling, as Program Administrator for the ACEC BIT Program, helps clients identify and mitigate risk proactively on an enterprise basis while sharing information with individual firm members to identify and manage risk when it materializes.


Claims leveled against engineering firms are both a drain on resources and a threat to the firm’s reputation. Proper risk management cannot prevent every claim. Engineering firms routinely encounter claims – both meritorious and frivolous – that must be defended and addressed in a way that allows a firm to keep operating and maintain profitability. With the purchase of insurance through the ACEC BIT, your firm will have the assistance of Greyling to help navigate the claims process to a successful and prompt conclusion.

Greyling will help your firm identify what is or is not a claim, when it should be reported, how to report claims, and to which carrier(s). In the event of a claim, immediately contact Greyling at 833-223-2248.


Navigating risk in the construction industry can be both time-consuming and confusing. Contract review and negotiation is a key component of any engineering firm’s efforts to mitigate risk on professional services projects.

Greyling has partnered with The Hartford to provide immediate access to a host of relevant risk management resources. To access these materials, please visit the resources to the right.

Contract Reviews

Contract review and negotiation is an important part of developing a client relationship and in accepting work. To mitigate risk on professional services projects, it is often helpful to have a risk management professional review your contract and offer suggestions. Greyling has exceptional internal personnel capable of providing fast and meaningful comments on contracts, in addition to offering access to resources through The Hartford and various professional liability carriers.

Contact Greyling at acecbit@greyling.com to request review of a professional services contract.

You can also review key issues affecting engineering professional services contracts by accessing our webinar on this topic, “What Every Engineer Should Look For in a Professional Services Agreement.”