Injuries to employees while at work are a very real risk to engineering firms, particularly those engaged in jobsite observations, inspections, or investigations. State and Federal laws required injured workers to be covered under workers' compensation plans to compensate workers for medical costs, lost wages, and other damages. Workers' compensation insurance transfers the cost of risk associated with injured employees to an insurance company.

The ACEC BIT Hartford Program includes Workers' Compensation and Employer's Liability insurance. This coverage features important protections for engineering firms, including:

  • Endemic Disease
  • Repatriation
  • Defense Base Act
  • Maritime, Voluntary Compensation
  • Foreign Voluntary Compensation
  • Longshoreman & Harbor
  • Workers Comp Act
  • Stop Gap
For firms who do not qualify for the BIT Hartford Program, Greyling offers individually brokered workers' compensation and employer's liability insurance as part of the ACEC BIT Program.

Workers' compensation costs are significantly impacted by a firm's loss prevention and safety measures. Greyling, in conjunction with The Hartford and other leading insurers, focuses on employee safety, education, and accident avoidance through targeted risk management offerings and assistance with cost control through effective claims management, medical provider selection, and return-to-work counseling.



To see if your firm qualifies for the Hartford package, please click on GET STARTED here. If the Hartford Package is not available due to your firm's size or exposure, Greyling can individually broker a BOP or Package under the ACEC BIT Program.


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