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Get our perspectives on the latest developments in risk management and insurance, and how they impact your business.



A great guide for startup design firms looking to educate themselves about the insurance basics. This guide identifies and briefly explains the five coverages typically required in most design consultants’ contracts for services: professional liability, commercial general liability, auto liability, workers compensation, and umbrella liability.

Professional Liability for Engineers

In this webinar presented by The Hartford you can learn the specifics behind professional liability coverage. You will hear how professional liability hepls meet engineering needs, the types of professionals and projects it covers, coverage components and features, and how the coverage helps protect engineering firms in the event of a claim.

Challenging The Status Quo: The Case For Partnering With Subconsultants Like Trade Subcontractors

Learn the business case for design firms adopting subconsultant partner programs modeled on those utilized by construction contractors to manage trade subcontractor relationships. We discuss the premise, design, and implementation of partner programs for design firms.

Cyber2021: Cyber Risk and Insurance for Engineering Professionals

Learn about the latest trends in cybercrime and cybersecurity. Explore what you can do to protect yourself from hackers and how to deal with a claim if you are the victim of a cybercrime.

How Will The Covid-19 Vaccine Change Your Firm in 2021?

The EPIC Employee Benefits and Greyling Property & Casualty Insurance Teams share issues that could arise related to employee inoculation, best practices for employee vaccinations, and potential liability concerns you should be aware of as more employees return to work in person.

Design Professionals Risk Impacted by Changing Technology and Inexperience

In this introductory webinar, Greyling covers the common terms for professional services agreements, which terms are important for controlling risk, how terms impact insurability, and the relationship of the parties relative to the contract.

They Agreed (or did not Agree) to DO WHAT?

Watch to learn more about contract concerns such as key provisions, claims studies, and how your firm can better protect itself.

An Overview of Insurance Coverage for COVID-19 Impacts

In this webinar we discuss potential claims and common issues impacting insurance recoveries for COVID-19 related losses and liabilities.

How to Avoid a Professional Liability Claim, and What to Do When a Claim Does Arise

Learn the important techniques and best practices to help design professionals avoid professional liability claims and mitigate them when they do. This webinar is designed to help guide your firm up in early project stages and “the rules of the road” when a claim does arise.

Cyber Security: Risk Considerations & Best Practices for Engineering Firms

Watch to learn more about the cyber security risk landscape and what steps your firm can take to proactively mitigate your risk. You’ll the different types of cyber attacks that could impact your business.

Distracted Driving

This webinar workshop is designed to help your firm control your risk relative to driving, addressing traffic problems, recognizing hazards, driving habits, behavior modification, and fleet control.

ACEC/MA Safety Forum

In this recording of the January 2019 ACEC MA Satety Meeting, we cover workers’ compensation, how EMR is calculated, how to predict EMR, state-by-state distinctions, and the limitations of EMR.

Five Must-have Cyber Coverages for Small Business Owners

Watch this webinar to learn the importance of cyber insurance, the key cyber exposures for small business owners, and the must-have cyber coverages your firm needs.

What Every Engineer Should Look For in a Professional Services Agreement

Learn about the latest trends in cybercrime and cybersecurity. Explore what you can do to protect yourself from hackers and how to deal with a claim if you are the victim of a cybercrime.

Catalytic Converter Theft

Catalytic converter theft is on the rise. This guide can help you protect your fleet.

Cyber Insurance Claims Report - H1 2021

Coalition, our cyber insurance partner, has released their first half cyber crime report for 2021.

Cyber Risk & Insurance for Engineering Professionals

Presentation from the cyber webinar, detailing the most common cyber crimes and how to protect your firm.

Challenging the Status Quo

Presentation from the webinar that makes the case for engineering firms to partner with subconsultants like contractors partner with trade subcontractors to manage subconsultant risk.

Dispute Resolution

A guide and checklist for drafting and reviewing settlement agreements.

Reducing Overhead Expenses

Guide to reduce overhead by evaluating your insurance program.

21 Design Firm Predictions for 2021

Greyling shares their expertise and experience to predict the impact of effects on design firms in 2021.

How to make and substantiate a claim

A guide with the recommended document preparation for business income and extra expense claims.

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